AQUARIUS and all introduce dance very having contentment towards voice of one’s tom-tom

[In the distress Buddy. CAPRICORNUS EMISSARIUS slips for the forehead and hides behind the newest veil, where he eliminates his disguise and you may has on his dance gown.]

[He rises and circumambulates the fresh forehead widdershins. CAPRICORNUS plucks ahead all the third individual and you can makes them pursue him, continuing this action up to you to simply was kept. To that particular one to MAGISTER TEMPLI contact the fresh new allocution, when he hales him onward.]

[The guy throws veil discover, indicating the newest blank shrine. Uncle. CAPRICORNUS hot 420 dating EMISSARIUS should have really dissumulated himself so that they are maybe not located. MAGISTER TEMPLI draws veil once again. CAPRICORNUS puts out the brand new white.]

Region IV

Right here, in which the industry try silent; Right here where all dilemmas seems Inactive winds’ and you can spent waves’ riot For the suspicious hopes for hopes and dreams; I see this new environmentally friendly occupation expanding To possess reaping everyone and you can sowing, Having collect-some time and mowing, A tired field of channels.

I’m fed up with tears and you may laughter, And males you to laugh and you may weep; Regarding what tired off months and instances Blown buds and you may bare plant life, Wants and you can goals and you will vitality And you will everything you but bed.

Here lifetime has death getting neighbour, And far regarding eye otherwise ear Wan surf and moist winds work, Weakened boats and you can comfort steer; They drive adrift, and you will whither They wot perhaps not who generate thither; However, no like wind gusts blow hither, Without may be develop right here.

No development of moor or coppice, Zero heather-flower or vine, But bloomless buds of poppies, Green grapes away from Proserpine, Pale beds of blowing rushes Where zero leaf flowers otherwise blushes Rescue that it whereout she crushes Getting lifeless people fatal wine.

Pale, without term otherwise count, Within the fruitless areas regarding corn, It ribbon on their own and slumber All day till light flow from; And such as for instance a soul later part of the, Inside paradise and you may heck unmated, Of the cloud and mist abated Comes out away from dark morn.

Soft, past deck and you may webpage, Crowned which have relaxed actually leaves, she stands Who accumulates everything mortal That have cooler immortal hand; The woman languid lips try sweeter Than simply love’s which fears to help you greeting this lady In order to guys you to mix and you may meet their Of many times and you will lands

Regardless of if you to were strong because eight, The guy as well that have passing should stay, Nor aftermath which have wings from inside the eden, Nor weep having pain during the heck; No matter if you to were reasonable as the flowers, Their beauty clouds and you can shuts; And you may well regardless if love reposes, In the long run this is not well.

She waits for every single or other, She delays for all guys born; Forgets the world the girl mom, Living out of good fresh fruit and you may corn; And springtime and you can seed and you may swallow Just take side on her behalf and you will go after In which june tune bands empty And herbs are put to help you scorn.

Truth be told there wade the newest likes that wither, The existing likes which have wearier wings; And all of dry years mark thither, And all devastating anything; Dry dreams of days forsaken, Blind buds you to snows has actually shaken, Crazy will leave you to gusts of wind have taken, Reddish strays from wrecked springs.

We’re not certain of sorrow, And contentment is actually never yes; To-date commonly die the next day; Date stoops to no people’s lure; And you will love, person weak and you can fretful, Which have mouth but half regretful Sighs, with attention forgetful Weeps one to no enjoys endure.

Away from a lot of love of lifestyle, Of hope and you may anxiety set free, We give thanks to which have short-term thanksgiving Whatever gods tends to be That no lifestyle lives permanently; One dry males rise up never; You to even the weariest river Wind gusts somewhere safer so you’re able to sea.

Up coming celebrity nor sun will waken, Nor people transform off light: Nor sound off seas shaken, Neither any voice or vision: Neither wintry simply leaves neither vernal Nor days neither something diurnal; Only the bed endless Within the an eternal nights.