Country artist Walker Hayes responds to Gulfarium TikTok video clip featuring track ‘nice Like’

Whenever animal administration movie director at Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park watched a dance trend spreading on TikTok featuring nation singer Walker Hayes tune aˆ?Fancy Like,aˆ? the guy chose to partake – together with very own perspective upon it, definitely. Martin (aka ) uploaded a video dancing on words associated with the song with a tuned sea-lion named Ada on Sunday.

aˆ?Everyone loves the Gulfarium, and I love using the creatures,aˆ? Martin said. aˆ?We perform dance segments, together with sea lion showcase presentation that people posses was an educational presentation, but we reveal people how sea lions move. They gives happiness to people. aˆ?

Within six several hours of uploading they, Hayes and his families submitted a reaction video to Martin’s videos by himself TikTok. Subsequently, the initial video has gotten above 5 million works, as well as the reaction video clip has received significantly more than one million has.

aˆ?You’re constantly searching for something simply screams your summer time jam, therefore just have that experience,aˆ? he mentioned. aˆ?It discusses just dating and existence being kinda – you will Applebee’s – and it’s the easy factors in daily life which can be meaningful.aˆ?

aˆ?i truly want individuals to just remember that , this is the small things which happen to be crucial therefore do not have having very insane fancy stuff getting a delightful existence,aˆ? he said. aˆ?Its a great tune, nevertheless spoke in my opinion from that attitude, also, which lots of people don’t have that perspective. They lead myself plenty of happiness.aˆ?

They can be so intelligent and they are simply thus wonderful to work with so that as ambassadors for kinds

Ada makes several appearances on Martins TikTok. The guy educated the person sea lion the dancing moves in just five full minutes, the guy mentioned.

It magically healthy with each other

aˆ?Something that is really, important to me is actually for everybody to know that having a-sea lion, who’s incredibly educated, although i am the only inside videos, really a group men and women and energy and commitment over many and ages for a pet feel at the levels that shes at,aˆ? Martin said. aˆ?She’s incredible.aˆ?

aˆ?People is able to see just how much we love and look after the animals and therefore had been creative using what we manage,aˆ? Martin mentioned. aˆ?Our primary goal is to just take proper care of those immediately after which have the ability to teach people once they break through. This simply really put Gulfarium around for your great room that it is for the creatures and for people folks that work around.aˆ?

aˆ?He has got his entire family members hop into his TikToks and does the dancing, and you may merely notice that it is a tight-knit thing; he’s a family man and they are all included. There is just many joy thereupon tune, and most people are just sharing it and loving it. It really helps make every person happier. In my opinion that is actually just what community needs now.aˆ?

“I observed this video with this sea lion moving to aˆ?Fancy Like,” Stevens said. “The delight from it is plenty enjoyable. Whenever you are a songwriter, if you are instead of stage performing the music, until you check-out a concert you do not will experiences or think exactly what the feeling of really or just how it affects group. TikTok, Instagram and social media have been so important in distributing so much happiness. Everyone knows social media marketing can wreck people, but with this type of track, it’s been thus exciting to see.aˆ?

aˆ?The ways since TikTok and Instagram posses enabled all of us accomplish reels to tunes and just really have enjoyable with every day life is hooking up folks in various ways,aˆ? Martin said. aˆ?we never ever believed i might have the opportunity to connect to any of them, let alone have them give thanks to myself and switch back and would videos like that. It is amazing identification. Every person is actually someone that one can wind up linking with.aˆ?