Looking for an Irish term for a little four legged friend on your way or just stirred of the attractiveness of Irish brands and their definitions?

Listed here are 100 suggestions for your!

Listed here are present 100 most widely used Irish language kid labels, with their definitions and pronunciations – 50 girl labels and 50 guy labels. Find out if your own website made the cut, or browse the list for a few determination!

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Irish Ladies Labels:

1. Aoife (ee-fa)

This name implies beautiful, radiant or happy, and probably derives from Gaelic term ‘aoibh’ definition ‘beauty’ or ‘pleasure.’ In Irish mythology, Aoife is recognized as the best woman warrior in this field. She offered delivery to your mythological champion Cuchulainn’s merely daughter, Connlach, and is the child of a king of Connacht. Legend provides it, their wedding ended up being arranged by St. Patrick himself.

2. Caoimhe (kwee-va or kee-va)

Through the Gaelic keyword “caomh,” this term means mild, beautiful or priceless.

3. Saoirse (ser-sha)

This label ways “freedom” or “liberty.” It offers powerful patriotic overtones possesses only held it’s place in utilize considering that the 1920s.

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4. Ciara (kee-ra)

The elegant type of Ciaran, this identity is inspired by the Gaelic phrase “ciar,” this means dark colored. They implies dark characteristics, like locks or eyes. Ever sold, St. Ciara was actually a distinguished figure whom set up a monastery in Co. Tipperary during 7th century.

5. Niamh (neev or nee-iv)

Which means radiance, luster or lighting. In Irish myths, Niamh is the child of Manannan, the goodness on the ocean – she was actually usually ‘Niamh regarding the Golden Hair’ and was frequently illustrated driving on a white pony. She was http://www.datingmentor.org/escort/riverside actually the fan of poet-hero Oisin; with each other they lived in Tir-na-nOg, the area of endless teens.

6. Roisin (ro-sheen)

This title suggests “little increased,” features already been found in Ireland because the sixteenth 100 years. When Irish patriotic poetry and song got outlawed in Ireland, Irish bands would disguise their particular nationalistic verses and love music, and sing about Roisin Dubh (“Dark Rosaleen”) due to the fact poetic sign with their nation.

7. Cara

In Irish, Cara simply suggests “a pal.”

8. Clodagh (cloda)

Known as for River Clodagh, or Clody River, which operates through Co. Tipperary and Co. Wexford. Like most Irish rivers, the name try involving a female deity.

9. Aisling (ash-ling)

This title suggests “dream” or “vision” through the Gaelic word ‘aislinge’ and describes an “aisling,” which is a poetic genre of Irish code poetry through the later part of the 17th 100 years. It only began being used as a primary term inside the 20th millennium. The poetic genre is personified in Ireland as an attractive woman in peril.

10. Eabha (ey-va)

Here is the Irish kind Eve (Adam-and-Eve were Adhamh agus Eabha in Irish). It means ‘life,’ but includes every one of the connotations for the label Eve, for example. mom of all live.

11. Aoibhinn (ee-van or ay-veen)

This label implies nice, beautiful sheen of glorious charm. It absolutely was one common name for princesses one of the royal families of Ireland that’s been revived lately.

12. Aine (awn-ye)

This term is inspired by the noun aine, consequently “radiance, grandeur, magnificence.” The name was connected with fruitfulness and prosperity. In Irish legend, Aine, the Queen of the Munster fairies, was among the many wives of Fionn MacCool.

13. Sadhbh (sive, sigh-v)

This term mean may either imply sweet and lovely, or wise.

14. Aoibheann (ay-veen)

This identity implies “of pleasant, beautiful sheen” or “radiant beauty.” It’s interpreted as a diminutive for any term Eve, or, “little Eve.”

15. Fiadh (fee-a)

Fiadh try a classic Irish word meaning “wild,” in the same way of an untamed animal. Referring from the phrase for “wildlife,” fiadhurla.

16. Aoibhe (ey-va)

This arises from the Gaelic phrase “aoibh,” which means beauty.

17. Laoise (lee-sha)

Meaning “radiant girl,” and is usually Anglicized as Louisa. Moreover it relates to light.

18. Eimear (ee-mur)

This label suggests “quick.” Within the Irish legend, Eimear was actually the partner of warrior legend Cuchulainn, and ended up being believed to have actually held the six merchandise of womanhood, that are beauty, a mild vocals, nice words, wisdom, needlework, and chastity.

19. Orla

In addition spelled Orlaith, this identity suggests “golden princess” or “golden sovereign” in Irish. The sibling and child of Brian Boru are called Orla.

20. Meabh (Maeve)

This label indicates “intoxicating.” In the Irish legend, Meabh was the warrior queen of Connacht.

21. Shauna

Once the feminine kind standard Irish young men’ identity Sean, this title implies “God was gracious.” Title can also suggest “present.”

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22. Shannon

This identity means “wise lake.” The Irish type are Sionainn and it has most spelling variants, it arises from ‘sion’ (wise) and ‘abhainn’ (river).

23. Sinead (shin-ade)

This is the Irish kind of title “Jane” or “Jeannette,” and ways “God are grateful.”

24. Grainne (grawn-ye)

Through the Irish word “gran,” meaning whole grain or corn. In ancient Ireland, Grainne was actually the goddess with the grain or pick. There is a famous legendary Irish narrative, “The quest for Diarmuid and Grainne,” and is about the adore triangle between Fionn MacCool, princess Grainne and Fianna member Diarmuid O’Dyna.

25. Kayleigh (kay-lee)

This term indicates “thinner and reasonable” or “slender,” drawing from Gaelic phrase for slim, basically ‘caol.’

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26. Fiona

This label suggests fair, white, beautiful. Simple fact is that female form of Fionn.

27. Emer (eemer)

This name ways “quick.” When you look at the Irish legend, Eimear is the wife of warrior legend Cuchulainn, and ended up being believed to need held the six gifts of womanhood, that are charm, a gentle voice, nice phrase, wisdom, needlework and chastity.

28. Siobhan (shiv-on)

Siobhan is another kind title “Joan,” and implies “God has been grateful” or “God’s elegance.” It may mean “full of charm.”

29. Ailbhe (alva)

This name’s probably derived from the Gaelic keyword “albho” which means ‘white.’ In Irish legend, this was title of a lady warrior within the Fianna.

30. Mairead (mi-rade)

This is actually the Irish type of Margaret. It means “pearl.”