The Perfect Close Workshop

Turn Yourself Into A Powerhouse Closer for Any Business or Freelance Venture

Date: January 7-8| 7PM-11PM

If you’re a freelancer or someone whose livelihood demands that you close as many deals as you possibly can so you can live in comfort, how’d you like to…

Start Closing Deals at P100K–P1M Deals EVEN IF You’ve Never Sold Anything Before


Turn Yourself Into A Powerhouse Closer for Any Business or Freelance Venture

This Is For those who are failing in sales, Shy or Introvert, Tried searching youtube on how to close but still not working or you're stuck on closing low-ticket deals and wanna get to the next level!

I’m revealing my closing secrets to a few people, and these secrets…

Event Date: Jan 7-8 | 7PM-11PM

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    Hey look here!

    If you feel hopeless and discouraged because you’re unable to close at least one out of the 10 sales calls you get into… Or maybe terrified with even the thought of getting on the phone because of self-doubt, uncertainty about the product you’re selling or for any other reason… Or maybe you’ve closed a sale but had to shamefully lower your price just to get the prospect to say “yes”… Then I have good news for you! Because after closing thousands of deals and making P190 million worth of revenue…If you’re looking for a 300% casino bonus, you’ve come to the right place. These bonus funds can be worth hundreds of dollars. All you have to do to qualify for these offers is make a minimum deposit of PS20 or higher. A 300% match bonus will automatically add up to four times your deposit amount. Bigger funds mean more playtime and more chances to win! Depending on your casino’s match policy, a 300% casino bonus might be worth more than a couple hundred dollars. I’m finally spilling my closing secrets for the FIRST TIME EVER!

    Hi, I’m Maj Custodio, entrepreneur, speaker, freelancing trainer and CEO of QuickPro Online Academy.

    I’ve worked with thousands of freelancers and business owners and I understand closing can be a challenge, especially for us Filipinos.

    Because most of us aren’t raised as entrepreneurs or salesmen. Most of us are raised by employees, to be employees…


    School, get good grades, graduate, get a decent job, have a family, keep working, retire, then pass all of this on to the next generation.

    I mean, there’s nothing wrong about what our parents do for us. It was probably how they were raised too!
    But this typical Pinoy tradition is extremely outdated and causes a host of unhealthy, limiting beliefs which affect how we make a living.


    And for those of us who do get into sales, we’re either taught about hard-selling (which can sometimes come off as scammy) or building relationships first (which can be extremely demanding and time-consuming).

    These types of selling have their own time and place, too…

    But if your livelihood requires that you close as many deals as you possibly can, scammy and time-consuming just isn’t the best (or fastest) way to go, right?

    Because as you may know, most of the time…

    All we get is one call, one pitch, one chance to close the deal or not.

    Now, if you want to know how you can start maximizing these “one chance” moments you get during sales calls, then I’d like to invite you this January 7 and 8…

    I’m revealing my closing secrets to a few people, and these secrets…

    PLUS, when implemented the right way, you might not even need to close your prospects, you’ll be amazed when they close themselves for you!

    Just take a look at what happened to a couple of my students…

    Case Study A
    My student Serjo, he’s not an expert in social media management, but he decided to study it for a month. After learning from me, before you know it, he closed customers worth 300k for coaching, and he is not an expert. He is simply, ONE STEP AHEAD of them, but because of his willingness to give value and higher perception of self as a mentor, he won the hearts of his customers.

    My Previous apprentice, Mark, was an employee and has been working as am employee for years. He decided to learn from me and wanted to sell freelance service and agency  and affiliate on my academy. He said he wanted to sell high ticket but he is worried because he hasn’t made enough results yet and it’s his first time. But After helping him subconsciously reprogram that imposter syndrom and limiting belief voice in his head, he closed enough clients to generate 400k revenue in 2 weeks.

    And I’ll tell you all about these secrets through…

    The Perfect Close Workshop!

    It’s a 2-day LIVE virtual event where I bare it all!


    All my secrets for closing 4,000 people at once, P100K in a single deal, thousands of dollars more in agency services…

    Plus, h​​ow to create an automated system to get clients setting appointments with you without using paid ads!

    No fluff, no BS, no theories. ONLY proven-and-tested scripts, strategies and exercises.

    We will collaboratively awaken and empower the CLOSER IN YOU so you can start closing the best deals for your business and life.

    Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

    • Ultimate Closing Script Writing Sessions where you get to write your own closing scripts based on your offer, product or service. This is a script you’ll be using moving forward and will bring you all the closed deals you could ever want! (We’ll do this together, in real time, while your peers and I help you craft your ultimate closing script.)


    • Discover the #-Prong Lead Filtration System: If you keep getting into calls with unqualified prospects, then you’re just wasting time, energy and attention. This system increases your chances of connecting with highly-qualified and able prospects thus increasing your odds of landing the next best deal for you.


    • The TRUTH about Imposter Syndrome and self-sabotage. The real reason no one talks about and is why you’re unable to close the deals you want – and how to fix this FAST.


    • Tiny, seemingly pointless things that make all the difference in closing the best deals.


    • What the # critical elements of an effective lead generation system are (PLUS how to personalize and set everything up for your business regardless of what industry you’re in or the products/services you’re offering).


    • How to UP your closing rate from 0% up to 70% regardless if you’ve never closed a deal before or if you’re dealing with a person, a group or a mass audience. I’ve the ability to close 4,000 people at once and this is where I tell you how to do it.


    • Why you shouldn’t think so much about “closing” — what you should think about instead when trying to seal the deal with a prospect.

    • How to reprogram your subconscious in # simple steps, unleashing the closing powerhouse in you.


    • And much, much more!


    But that’s not all!!

    I’ve also included, with this SUPER LOW of an investment you can make today…

    How ridiculous???

    Within 60 days after the workshop, I GUARANTEE you’ll close your next client.
    |But if for some reason you don’t, just let me know.

    Send me proof that you’ve done everything I taught you in this 2-day workshop but still failed to close a client in 60 days…and I’ll give you a FULL REFUND.

    Ridiculous, right? Who gives a 60-day guarantee for a 2-day workshop???

    Well, I do. So it’s mostly on me and you have nothing to lose…only a client to gain.

    Now, if you’re wondering why I’m doing this…


    Because by putting on this event, the first time I’m ever talking about this…

    Is me back on my mission:


    To rescue Filipinos from poverty by providing affordable training that enables and empowers them to be financially independent and happy.



    And by you joining me, mind and heart open, ready to dive into what I have for you…

    You are helping me in this mission, and create more financially independent and genuinely happy Filipinos.

    And I am super grateful to you for that.

    But you should know that…

    Just because it’s affordable does not mean this Workshop is only for newbies.


    I’ll be talking about something I’ve NEVER talked about in this 2-day event.

    Imagine being able to close 1-on-1, in groups, or masses of people…

    Imagine closing $1K, $5K or even $10K deals just by using the secrets I’ll be sharing here in this event…

    Imagine having all that power in you…

    Well, you don’t really have to imagine that last part. Because THAT power?

    It’s already in you…we just have to let it out.

    And I believe The Perfect Closing Workshop can help.

    So if you want to start closing all the best deals you possibly can, and start living the life you’ve always wanted…

    Then click the button below and join me this January 7 and 8 in The Perfect Closing Workshop.

    Let’s unleash that Powerhouse Closer in you once and for all.

    To ending 2021 with a bang,